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The first disinfectant formula in the world, certified by the EPA, that kills bacteria in biofilm* & Candida Auris*

Effervescent tablets that dissolve instantly and uniformly in tap water. Activated by water to form HOCl, identical to what our body produces to kill pathogens. Neutral pH 6-7, non-corrosive on surfaces and skin. Kills pathogens in the biofilm, a protective membrane formed by some microorganisms. An advanced disinfectant effectively eliminates dangerous microbes such as C. Diff. spores, pseudomonas, and viruses like Covid-19 H1N1. Works quickly in as little as 4 minutes.

PurOne Powerful Multi-Purpose Hospital Disinfection

The first disinfectant with a registered property for killing pathogens in Biofilm


PurOne tablets dissolve in tap water, producing a potent hospital-grade disinfectant that effectively kills, cleans, and disinfects pseudomonas, biofilm-bacteria-pathogens in 4 minutes, spores within 10 minutes, Candida auris, and Covid-19 in just 2 minutes.

Use PurOne tablets for cleaning and disinfection on heavily trafficked surfaces and floors with microfiber cloths, mops, EvaClean environmental surface wipes, and all the cleaning systems you have.


Powerful Disinfectant Safe for Food Surfaces & Drinking Water

PurTabs concentrated tablets transform tap water into a safe disinfectant certified NSF D2 for food contact surfaces and equipment, requiring no rinsing and leaving

no sticky residues. PurTabs are NSF approved for emergency drinking water disinfection in hydrotherapy tanks of long-term care facilities, well water sources,

and isolated water supplies following floods, hurricanes, fires, or other disasters, as well as for poultry and livestock farming units. Biodegradable and non-toxic, with a neutral pH, PurTabs meet every framework for

safety, sustainability, and effectiveness with registered claims of killing EPA-listed pathogens in 4 minutes or less for Covid-19, norovirus, C. diff, MRSA, Influenza, RSV,

and many other pathogens.



The Safest Environment is Just One Spray Away

Electrostatic Sprayer


Get a powerful tool to neutralize all microbes and disinfect your facilities. Wireless electrostatic spraying technology brings new, 360-degree, contactless disinfection capabilities for infection control specialists and cleaning teams in all facilities. The sprayer covers corresponding surfaces in 80% less time than traditional disinfection and

cleaning methods

The wireless handheld electrostatic sprayer:

  1. Is easy to operate
  2. Disinfects even the most obscure and hard-to-reach surfaces. Reaches everywhere
  3. Reduces infection rates
  4. Disinfects entire rooms in less than 3 minut
  5. Has optimal spraying distances of 1.5m-2.5m




Up to 1000 m2 PER TANK

Allerg – STOP 6 Months Protection from Bed bugs

Allerg-STOP penetrates the fibers and remains fully active for 6 months!

Allerg-STOP neutralizes larvae and eggs from bed bugs, which are not affected by insecticides!

Necessary after whichever method you use

A. Wiping – Vacuuming

B. Steam cleaning

C. Deworming 

Allerg-STOP is necessary to protect mattresses and prevent bed bugs from coming back for 6 months animals.


Allerg-STOP Repellent is an innovative product that is primarily aimed at those who use the  mattress and want to take care of it, to keep it clean and healthy, because even though they use it every day, the mattress cannot be washed, resulting in the accumulation of allergens, germs and dead cells making it unhealthy.

It is necessary for newborns and children up to 6 years old, for people with sensitive health, people with allergies, conjunctivitis, respiratory and dermatological diseases, etc. Also for those who often travel ,use shared mattresses and in the areas with pets and domestic

Newborn Babies | Children  Allergies

Newborn babies up to six year old  are very sensitive to allergens and if exposed they develop an allergy. For this reason, it is very important to apply Allerg-STOP Repellent to all baby items, crib, mattress, baby carrier, relaxer, stroller, car seat, stuffed toys, and all fabric and fibrous surfaces in the baby’s area such as carpets, furniture upholstery, curtains and air conditioner filters.


Microsplitting Cleeaners 

Microsplitting products have ecological molecular microsplitting technology that is an innovation in the global cleaning industry. It breaks down stain traces up to 5,000,000 times with a reaction similar to baking soda and vinegar while being human and environmentally friendly as it contains no detergents, soaps, cleaning shampoos, foams, enzymes, solvents, chlorine or other bleaching agents . It ensures perfect results, easily, quickly, and with absolute safety.


Microsplitting products are environmentally friendly, ensuring up to 90% reduction in water and energy waste while contributing decisively to rational liquid waste management. The formulas of the microsplitting products are deposited in the state chemistry, they have ecological water management certification


Microsplitting products are the only ones with innovative microsplitting biotechnology, completely safe in direct contact of babies, children and adults with the cleaned surfaces (carpets, furniture upholstery, car interiors, etc.), due to the complete lack of residues from detergents, soaps etc.


The fibers of the cleaned surfaces are kept in excellent condition for a much longer period of time as they are not damaged by the caustic residues of detergents left by conventional cleaners. This results in the objects cleaned with the microsplitting series do not re-soil quickly contrary to common cleaners where they leave residues of foam, soap, chlorine, etc.

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